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Alvar Aalto
Finland, 1950's

“A808” in brass and steel covered in leather. 

The lamp was designed for the National Pensions Institute in Helsinki in 1955. 

Finnish architect Alvar Aalto (1898–1976) studied at Helsinki University of Technology, today known as Aalto University. His work include the University of Jyväskylä, House of Culture in Helsinki and Finlandia Hall, as well as lighting, furniture often made of birch, laminated wood and plywood, and glassware such as the iconic Savoy vase. 

Aalto’s early works followed the tenets of Nordic Classicism, the predominant style at that time, but from the late 1930s onwards, the architectural expression of Aalto’s buildings became enriched by the use of organic forms, natural materials and increasing freedom in the handling of space.It was characteristic of Aalto to treat each building as a complete work of art – right down to the furniture and light fittings.

In 1935, Artek was formed to promote the growing production and sales of Aalto furniture. The design of his furniture combined practicality and aesthetics with series production, following the main Artek idea of encouraging a more beautiful everyday life in the home. 

H 137 x Ø 31 cm

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