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Yto Barrada

“Playground Enamelware Plates”. Set of 4 enamelware plates. Lina, green. Leïla, blue. Aïcha, black and Fatima, brown. From an edition of 100.
Dinner plates commissioned by MASP Museum of Art Sao Paolo on the occasion of ‘Playground’ Exhibit Sao Paolo (March 17- July 24, 2016) designed by Lina Bo Bardi .

French-Maroccan artist Yto Barrada (b. 1971) works with sculpture, installation, painting, printmaking, photography, film and documentary. The persistent focus of Barrada’s playful, powerful imagery is the cultural and social predicament of Morocco and its people—the vagaries of its political history, the impact of migration and globalization.
Although brimming with social and historical commentary informed by Barrada’s earlier education in political science, her work is often leavened by playfulness and a wry sense of humor, mixing original work and found objects.

Ø 23.5 cm

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