The Apartment

The Apartment is a design gallery located in an 18th century apartment in Copenhagen. The gallery is designed to feel like a private home from which you can bring home everything from the art on the walls to the carefully curated furniture, lighting and textiles.

The Apartment December 2017

“The Apartment offers individually designed interiors centered around the people inhabiting the space.”

Tina Seidenfaden Busck

The Apartment June 2014

Mingei at The Apartment 2017

The Apartment

Besides focusing on European 1920’s-1970’s vintage design and works of art, the gallery also represents contemporary international designers. The Apartment also offers consultation on interiors implementing rare vintage pieces, art and contemporary design for residential and commercial projects.


The Apartment October 2016

Märta Måås-Fjetterström x The Apartment, Båstad 2016

The Apartment October 2013

The Apartment August 2016

The Apartment September 2015


The Apartment April 2016